Body Contouring

Non-Invasive permanent fat loss can fit into your busy schedule. A 25 minute treatment can remove up to 24% of the fat cells in treatment areas. This is perfect for women and men who have stubborn fat which is resistant to diet and exercise. Cynosure, a world leader in laser technology, developed SculpSure to target fat cells so they are destroyed and can be eliminated from the body with no downtime and little discomfort.

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SculpSure FAQ’s

Does my insurance cover the procedure?

No, SculpSure is a cosmetic body sculpting treatment-not a weight loss procedure. As such, you need to have realistic expectatios for exactly what the treatment can accomplish. While it will certainly sculpt and contour a more attractive physique-it is not a substitute for diet and exercise.

Am I a candidate for SculpSure?

Ideal candidates are healthy and at an optimal weight that have stubborn areas of fat that do not reduce with diet and exercise. While the treatment can be done on overweight individuals, their results may vary.

What are the typical results?

Studies done show that individuals typically will lose up to 24% of the subcutaneous fat in the treatment siteby 12 weeks. Individual results may vary; however, the satisfaction rate for SculpSure is similar to Coolsculpt with less pain and long-term risks.  Many patients report seeing some improvement by 6 weeks. Having multiple treatments to the same site will result in a better result for most patients.

How is the treatment performed?

The operator will attach 2-4 laser treatment applicators to the area/areas of concern. The laser energy is absorbed by the subcutaneous cat making it reach a temperature of 107-117 degrees Fahrenheit. This energy will destry the fat cells permanently. During the treatment, the skin is cooled to assist with comfort and to protect it from the intense heat which is necessary for a successful treatment. Your operator will gauge your response for optimal results.

Does the treatment hurt?

Most individuals will notice tingling and deep warmth. At times the treatment can cause deep cramping or a pinching sensation. This alternates with a cool sensation which allows for the treatment to be well tolerated.

What is the downtime after the procedure?

Since SculpSure is non-invasive and does not require any anesthesia, clients can go to work and perform all of their normal activities. The tretment site can be sore for up to two weeks, so strenuous activities may be more uncomfortable to perform during this period.

What are the side effects of SculpSure?

Side effects of tenderness and swelling are to be expected. Firmness, hardness, nodules, redness and bruising may also accur. These side effects may increase or appear days after the procedure. Other less common side effects include itching, skin contour irregularities, dimpling, pigment alteration, asymmetry, necrosis, changes in skin laxity, numbness, blistering and burns.