What Are Rashes?

Rashes come in many different forms and are caused by a number of different factors. Rashes may cause redness, scaling, itching, and irritation, and may lead to blisters and the appearance of raw skin patches. They may occur in one area of skin, or may occur all over your body. If you are troubled by persistent redness, bumps, scaling, burning, or itching that just won’t go away, Helena Dermatology can help. Our dedicated staff can provide you with diagnostic procedures such as skin allergy testing, skin biopsies, and laboratory tests, as well as recommend a variety of medical treatments to help your rash.

An arm rash

What Causes Rashes?

Multiple factors can cause rashes, including an underlying disease, a medication, an environmental exposure, an infection, or a reaction to one’s own personal care products. Rashes caused by environmental exposures are often due to an irritant or allergen. Certain chemicals, plants, and other substances can cause your skin to become inflamed and break out in itchy bumps. Depending on your genetic makeup, your skin may be more or less sensitive to this type of reaction when coming in contact with an irritant or allergen. Some cases develop right away while others form over the course of several days to months. Although most rashes clear up fairly quickly, others are long-lasting and can require long-term treatment.

Rash Treatment Options

Mild rashes may go away on their own or with simple over-the-counter treatment measures. However, if your rash is symptomatic and persistent, evaluation by a dermatologist may be necessary. In order to establish a diagnosis or cause for your rash, your provider will perform a thorough physical examination and may recommend diagnostic procedures such as skin allergy testing, skin biopsies, or other laboratory tests. Treatment options for various rashes include prescription and non-prescription topical or systemic medications, specialized light treatments, immune modulating medications, allergen and irritant avoidance, etc. Depending upon the type and cause of your rash, our team at Helena Dermatology will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. Together, we will help you start feeling better again.


Treating Rashes in Helena, MT

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