Lichen Planus

What Is Lichen Planus?

Lichen planus is a skin condition that appears as purplish, itchy bumps that develop over the course of several weeks or months. This skin condition may also affect the mucous membranes, scalp and nails. In the mouth, lacy white patches and sometimes painful sores may form. While mild cases can be addressed with topical agents, aggressive cases that cause significant pain may require more aggressive medical intervention. At Helena Dermatology, we’re ready to provide you with the care and treatment you need to overcome this issue should you have it.

Lichen planus on a person's body

What Are The Causes?

This condition develops when your immune system begins attacking skin cells or mucous membranes. It’s not clear why this abnormal immune response happens, but certain infections and medications may trigger this condition. Those suffering from hepatitis C as well as those on certain medications for heart disease appear to be at greater risk of developing it. Though this condition isn’t contagious, it can be quite uncomfortable and should be treated as soon as possible.

Lichen Planus Treatment Options

At Helena Dermatology, we’re prepared to provide you with the proper testing and treatment necessary to address lichen planus. When you arrive at our center, we will provide you with a thorough examination in addition to exploring your medical history. With the proper diagnosis, we can provide you with treatment in the form of topical or oral medications.

Lichen Planus Treatments in Helena, MT

Helena Dermatology is here to provide you with the care and support you need. Though not contagious, lichen planus can feel embarrassing and uncomfortable for the sufferer. If you’re struggling with the symptoms associated with this condition, visiting our Helena center can provide you with the treatment you need. For expert dermatological care from our supportive staff, fill out the form below and schedule an appointment or give us a call at (406) 443-7200.

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